Convenient and networked charging - the new Mercedes-Benz Wallbox.

The image shows the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox.

Convenient and networked charging - the new Mercedes-Benz Wallbox.

Simply charge your electrified Mercedes-Benz at home using the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox. With a charging output of 22 kW1, 6 metres of cable and the universal Type-2 plug, you can charge your vehicle safely and significantly faster than at a household socket.
The Mercedes me App2 makes it easy to start and stop the charging process with your smartphone. You receive information on the charging status as well as a transparent overview of your charging history. To do this, the wallbox is simply connected to the internet via WLAN, LAN or LTE-M3.

Safety has the highest priority. The integrated components (e.g. 6mA DC residual current detector) provide additional protection for the vehicle, the house installation and the wallbox during charging. To protect against unauthorised use, the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox can be unlocked or locked via the app2 or RFID card4.
Software updates "Over-the-Air" keep your Mercedes-Benz Wallbox up to date. For example, in the future you can get new functions for integrating the wallbox into an energy management system.
The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox models are available online in our Mercedes-Benz Shop or from your Mercedes-Benz dealer. For installation, simply contact our charging partner and ask for advice.

122 kW charging requires special equipment in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

2The wallbox contains the preinstallation for remote functions. The Mercedes me App, a personal Mercedes me ID and agreement to the Terms of Use for the Mercedes me connect services are required to use the remote functions of the Mercedes Benz Wallbox.

3Every wallbox includes an LTE-M modem. We kindly ask you to have the insertion and installation of the SIM card only carried out by qualified specialists. The SIM card is not offered by Mercedes-Benz and works depending on your own mobile phone contract. Please contact your SIM card provider to have the SIM card adapted to the correct parameters.

4Available soon.

Wallbox installation service.

The image shows a Mercedes-Benz with the driver's door open and an installation service employee.

Wallbox installation service.

Our local partners in the respective countries offer an installation service which provides you with professional support in installing a charging solution at home. A service employee will be pleased to visit you in order to check whether a wallbox can be installed at your home and what will be required for this purpose. Contact our installation partner and let us advise you.

You can use our Mercedes-Benz Wallbox Pre-Check now to see how well prepared you are for charging at home.

Charge wherever and whenever you want - the Flexible Charging System from Mercedes-Benz.

The image shows the flexible charging system at home and while travelling.

Charge wherever and whenever you want - the Flexible Charging System from Mercedes-Benz.

Do you travel a lot and want to be able to adapt to every charging option?
Or perhaps you already have a power connection at home?

Then we have a mobile charging solution for you with the Flexible Charging System, with which you can charge your plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle at up to 22 kW. With the help of the various adapters included in the delivery package, you can adapt individually to a wide variety of charging situations (household sockets, industrial sockets, public charging stations/wallboxes). These adapters can be easily connected to the Flexible Charging System via plug-and-play.

With this compact and portable all-in-one charging solution, you always have exactly the system you need in the boot. And in case you already have a power connection at home, you can also use the system as a wallbox without any additional installation costs.
Whether at home, with friends or on the road: the Flexible Charging System guarantees safe and flexible charging for your vehicle - wherever and whenever you want!

Any questions? We have the answers!

  • How can I protect my Mercedes-Benz Wallbox from unauthorised use?

    You have the option of unlocking or locking the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox via the Mercedes me App or your RFID card*. This is particularly interesting if you want to install the wallbox in a semi-public area.

    *Available soon.


  • What do I have to consider as a tenant or in a homeowners' association?

    It is also possible to install a wallbox or charging station at a parking space in a rental garage.
    Your landlord or the homeowners' association must be informed about this and agree to the installation. Please obtain written consent.


  • Can I charge several vehicles at the same time with the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox models?

    With the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox models, you can charge only one vehicle at a time.

  • How fast can I charge at home?

    The charging cable for the household socket supplied with plug-in hybrids enables charging within a few hours. To charge your plug-in hybrid or fully electric vehicle particularly quickly and conveniently, a wallbox is a good option. Depending on the charging performance provided and the vehicle's features, it could charge your vehicle up to 3x quicker.

  • Can I also charge a vehicle from another manufacturer with the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox models?

    The Mercedes-Benz Wallboxes have been tested for compatibility and function with all current Mercedes-Benz models. The wallboxes have been developed according to the official IEC 61851-1 standard and can therefore also be used with other vehicles that comply with this standard.