Charge up while out and about at an increasing number of public charging stations.

The image shows the Mercedes-Benz C-Class with plug-in hybrid.

Charge up while out and about at an increasing number of public charging stations.

Wherever you happen to be on the road: via your navigation system or the Mercedes me app, you will find countless public charging stations where you can recharge your vehicle.

You can already find a wide range of public charging stations in a variety of locations: be it in inner-city car parks, supermarket car parks or even at the roadside. These charging stations are usually AC charging stations (alternating current) with charging capacities of up to 22 kW, where you can charge your vehicle while parked.
On long-distance journeys, you benefit from a comprehensive charging network at service stations and motorway parking areas - this includes, for example, the charging stations from IONITY. As DC charging stations (direct current) are usually used here, you will find charging capacities of up to 350 kW and can recharge your vehicle in the shortest possible time during charging stops.

Find the quickest route, including charging stops.

The image shows the media display in the EQS from Mercedes-EQ.

Find the quickest route, including charging stops.

Even longer journeys in your electric vehicle are not a problem, thanks to Navigation with Electric Intelligence. The system takes into account factors such as charge level, weather and traffic situation to calculate the best route - including stops for charging, if necessary. Wherever possible, it schedules the use of fast charging stations in order to keep the necessary charging stops as short as possible. Once you reach the charging station, you are given specific details of how long charging will take and notified via the Mercedes me App as soon as the charge level is sufficient for you to continue on your journey - thus ensuring that you reach your destination as quickly as possible.

One-off registration. Charge everywhere. With Mercedes me Charge.

The image shows a Mercedes me Charge card.

One-off registration. Charge everywhere. With Mercedes me Charge.

Mercedes me Charge provides access to a multitude of public charging stations all over Europe, located in cities and in places such as shopping centres, hotels or motorway service stations - all with just one contract. The Mercedes me App shows in advance the precise location, current availability and price at the selected charging station. This information is also accessible via the navigation system in the vehicle and is used by the Navigation with Electric Intelligence system to calculate a convenient and time-efficient route, including charging stops. Authentication at the charging station takes place via the display in the MBUX multimedia system, the Mercedes me App or the Mercedes me Charge card. Everything else is handled automatically through Mercedes me Charge.

In selected models, authentication via Plug & Charge is now also available. The charging process starts directly when the charging cable is plugged in, no further authentication by the customer is necessary. Communication between the vehicle and the charging station takes place directly via the charging cable.

Mercedes me Charge: contributing to the energy transition with Green Charging

The image shows an animation of the Green Charging function.

Mercedes me Charge: contributing to the energy transition with Green Charging

Whenever you charge in Europe via Mercedes me Charge, Mercedes-Benz ensures subsequent offset with green electricity. In this way, you are already reducing your personal CO2 balance today and making a contribution to the energy transition.

The way Green Charging works is relatively simple: for a certain period of time, the exact amount of electricity charged via Mercedes me Charge is analysed. Subsequently, the defined quantity is offset with high-quality green electricity certificates of origin.

A certificate of origin thus verifiably certifies the origin of energy and serves as a kind of birth certificate for electricity from renewable energy sources. In order to additionally enable an environmental benefit, the certificates of origin fulfil further additional characteristics, which are stipulated in the form of a green electricity label and are geared towards an increased expansion of renewable energy plants.

What advantages does IONITY offer?

The image visualises the charging process for the EQS from Mercedes-EQ at an IONITY charging station.

What advantages does IONITY offer?

IONITY is a joint venture between the automotive manufacturers Mercedes-Benz Group AG, BMW Group, Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen AG with Audi and Porsche. It came into being as a way of establishing a network of reliable and high-performance fast charging stations along Europe's main transport routes. Offering an output of up to 350 kW, these stations ensure minimal charging times. And the best thing is: all IONITY charging stations are fully integrated into Mercedes me Charge, and access and billing are as easy as ever via Mercedes me Charge.

Customers of many Mercedes-EQ models benefit from discounted energy prices in the IONITY network for one year as standard with the "IONITY: Discounted fast charging" service. After expiry, the discounted access can be extended via the Mercedes me Store in order to charge at household electricity prices even on long journeys.
Our EQS customers can also use IONITY's fast charging stations free of charge for one year from the time of purchase with "IONITY Unlimited".

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I find a charging station?

    You can easily find a charging station via your MBUX multimedia system or the Mercedes me App. Tip: use Navigation with Electric Intelligence on long journeys. An intelligent algorithm plans the most time-efficient route for you, including charging stops.

  • How do I charge at a public charging station?

    At the charging station, access is provided by Mercedes me Charge, quite simply via the MBUX multimedia system, the Mercedes me App or the Mercedes me Charge card or, in the case of selected vehicles, completely automatically after plugging in the charging cable thanks to Plug & Charge. To start charging, follow the instructions on the respective charging station


  • What are the advantages of Mercedes me Charge?

    With Mercedes me Charge, you benefit from maximum convenience of use combined with high flexibility. Use one of the largest charging networks worldwide with maximum cost transparency. One-time registration gives you access to all providers in the Mercedes me Charge network. Mercedes me Charge does the central billing and overview of charges for you.


  • For which vehicle is Mercedes me Charge available?

    Mercedes me Charge is available in all Mercedes EQ models as well as in selected plug-in hybrid vehicles. Please check with your Mercedes-Benz dealer for the current offer.

  • How can I use Mercedes me Charge?

    To use the service, activate your Mercedes me account. In the next step, link or select your vehicle and activate the Mercedes me Charge service in the services overview. Then agree to your Mercedes Me Charge charging contract. You can then start the charging procedure for the vehicle directly at the charging station by app, via the MBUX multimedia system or using the Mercedes me Charge RFID card. You can watch the instruction video for the registration process in your Mercedes me App or in the digital Owner's Manual for your vehicle. In order to use Plug & Charge, you must also activate the "Plug & Charge" service for the correspondingly authorised vehicles.