Petrol engines – a new dynamism.

Model Cylinder
Displacement (ccm) Rated output
(kW [hp] at rpm)[1]
speed (km/h)
Fuel consumption
CO2 emissions
B 160 R4 1595 75 [102]/4500–6000 190 (190) 5.6–5.5 (5.7–5.5) 130–126 (132–127)
B 180 BlueEFFICIENCY Edition R4 1595 90 [122]/5000 190 (–) 5.2 (–) 122 (–)
B 180 R4 1595 90 [122]/5000 200 (200) 5.8–5.6 (5.7–5.5) 135–129 (132–127)
B 200 R4 1595 115 [156]/5300 220 (220) 5.8–5.7 (5.7–5.5) 135–130 (132–127)
B 220 4MATIC R4 1991 135 [184]/5500 – (225) – (6.8–6.7) – (158–156)
B 250 R4 1991 155 [211]/5500 240 (240) 6.8–6.6 (6.2) 157–152 (145–143)
B 250 4MATIC R4 1991 155 [211]/5500 – (235) – (6.8–6.7) – (158–156)

Economical and ground-breaking.

Whether you are off into the mountains on your own or to the seaside with the whole family: A good feeling accompanies you wherever you go when you drive the petrol-engine B-Class. Because, no matter which of the five output versions you decide on: You will always take to the road with pioneering, exemplary, economy. Because the best of everything still lies ahead of us.

    Highlights of the 4-cylinder petrol engine.

    This generation of innovative 4-cylinder petrol engines was specifically developed for the standard-production front-wheel drive models (optional for the all-wheel drive models). The objective was to significantly reduce consumption and emissions, without impacting on output and ride comfort in any way. The result: cutting-edge, pioneering engine technology in four power bands.

      Figures in brackets apply to vehicles with automatic transmission.

      [1] Figures for rated output and rated torque pursuant to Directive 715/2007/EEC in the currently applicable version.

      [2] The values provided are the "measured NEDC CO2 values" in accordance with art. 2 nr. 2 implementing regulation (EU) 2017/1153, which were determined in line with Annex XII of Directive (EC) no. 692/2008. The fuel consumption values were calculated based on these values. Due to the legal changes to the relevant test process, higher values can be entered into the certificate of conformity relevant to the vehicle registration and, if necessary, vehicle tax. The figures are not based on an individual vehicle and do not constitute part of the product offer; they are provided solely for purposes of comparison between different vehicle models. The values vary depending on the selected special equipment.

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